Partner With Us

If you would like us to sell some pieces from your wardrobe we would love to partner with you. We accept some high street brands, vintage pieces, premium and luxury labels.

We take care of it all

  • Post or courier the selected items to us or if you are in London we will collect these for you! 

     We do the rest!


Once the sale is complete and the returns window has closed, you will receive 50% of the sale via bank              transfer or paypal.

Terms & Conditions

  • We only accept clean items that are in good condition and free of any obvious marks.


  • Items that we don't think are sellable will be donated to Charity or returned to you at your own cost.


  • We upload clothing seasonally on our website but please feel free to send us winter or summer items, it just may take longer if they are not in season.


  • We aim to offer customers affordable prices. Once you decide to sell with us, we make a decision on the price. We will let you know an approximate price once we receive a brief item description from you as well as a photo.


  • Some items may take longer to sell or may not sell at all. Unfortunately we don't have control over this. If an item is not selling we may decide to reduce the price.


  • Pricing is set according to a wide variety of factors which include quality, brand, season and condition.


  • Once your item is sold and the 14 day returns window has passed we will make a payment to you via PayPal.