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The story behind building our second-hand platform!

Hello everyone, we have finally got around to writing a blog which we will write monthly, so watch this space!

Taking you right back to the beginning, it was early January and I still don't know to this day the idea came to me (and I will never know I guess) but I suddenly thought how amazing it would be to sell 2nd hand clothes online. But then I thought how do I do this… Enter Danielle, my wonderful daughter. I ran the idea past her and she loved it. You see, she knows all the technical stuff which I haven't a clue about, so it was left to her to build the website, take the photos (at the beginning it would take about half an hour per photo) and run the Instagram account. We launched in April 2020 almost to the day after the UK went into lockdown! Little did we know how it would all pan out. I remember getting our first order it was all of £10 but we were jumping up and down in delight. It was the beginning of a fascinating journey!

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