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Favourite Sustainable Fashion Influencers

It's been a while since we last posted but we wanted to share with you our favourite sustainable fashion and second hand influencers. We hope these wonderful accounts will give you even more reason to buy second hand.

Monica is an advocate for slow fashion and perfectly combines luxury with sustainability. Monica will teach you how to wear secondhand without compromising on style!

We have been following Monica for years and will always be grateful for her incredible support.

Follow her for luxurious style, secondhand sourcing and beauty hacks. She recently got married so has some great tips for brides-to-be too.

We've recently discovered Beth's blog on slow fashion and eco travel.

'Did you know that over 30% of online fashion purchases are returned and end up in landfill?'

This is just one of the many stats shared by Beth. Through her many thought provoking facts, Beth highlights just how detrimental fast fashion is to the environment and encourages you to make conscious purchases instead.

Of course, there's lots of sustainable outfit inspiration too!

3) Style and Sustain is created by Amma. It's a space that inspires fashion lovers to turn to conscious fashion through sustainable fashion styles, tips and practices.

We have also collaborated with Style and Sustain to bring you "Shop my closet". Amma has selected some lovely pre-loved pieces from her closet to sell with us. For every item sold, the proceeds will be donated to The Black Curriculum, a social enterprise founded in 2019 by young people to address the lack of Black British history in the UK Curriculum.

Hannah is a go-to account for vintage, charity shop and DIY lovers! Hannah will highlight any charitable pop ups and collaborations worth knowing about.

We love her incredible outfit creations that are made from old clothes in her wardrobe she no longer wears. You can't be more sustainable than that!

As you can see here, her creations are incredibly stylish and beautiful.

Penny and Nikki are the founders behind this wonderful sustainable fashion account.

Penny and Nikki describe their account as being a dialogue between friends about style choices for women.

It's one of the most beautiful grids we've seen with its unique sustainable outfits against Rutland countryside backdrops.

We know there are plenty of other amazing influencers promoting secondhand. Please feel free to share your favourites with us. There are never enough!

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