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Christmas Plans

And the journey continues, with its excitements, ups and downs just like any other business! So here we are it is 1st December 2021 the nights are closing in and the temperature is dropping… But not on MCW!! happy to say the temperature is rising and sales are growing organically which was our vision when we first launched.

We recently teamed up with Circle of Style, which is one of the first second hand stylists to launch in the UK. The stylist selects and sends 5 pieces for their client on a sale or return basis. It's an amazing concept if you don't already know them check them out!

We seem to be selling across the board, summer clothes for Winter sun holidays, Glitz for the upcoming Xmas parties and warm coats to evade the cold. It'll be our first proper Xmas since we launched. We'll be staying open for the Christmas holidays too.

Danielle and I continue to thrash out our ideas together in harmony and loving it!

Have a great Xmas, a healthy and Happy New Year to you all and see you in January.

Karen and Danielle. xxxx.

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