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Behind the Scenes Questions

1) Why did you start My Circular Wardrobe?

We've worked together for quite a few years now and it was my mum who came up with the idea of selling second hand clothes. This was all pre lockdown. She sent me an article on business of fashion about how much the preloved industry is growing. With my experience in websites and selling on Ebay it was a no brainer to launch our own platform!

2) How did you come up with the name?

My uncle came up with the name Rewearit which stuck for a long time! We had decided on Rewearit for some time but later felt like it lacked a luxurious feel. We then wanted to incorporate 'circle' into our name thus came up with My Circular Wardrobe. It definitely didn't come easily to us and it took at least a couple of months to get there. It involved a lot of brainstorming and pen and paper.

4) How many different sellers do you have?

The number keeps on growing but we are currently partnered with just over 60 sellers through word of mouth and Instagram.

5) How do you price your items?

I spend time researching the item, often using google lens to look up the RRP. I will also consider the season, condition of the item and what similar items are priced at on other sites such as Vestiaire and Ebay. Sometimes it can be a challenge with our luxury pieces because the same item can have a few hundred pounds difference across varying other resell platforms. Inn these case I'll tend to choose the lower price.

6) Tell me about how you upload the clothes.

I have a nail in the wall in my living room which I hang pieces from. I used to use a special camera but have recently discovered that the quality of my iphone pictures is superior! I'll also use a backdrop for pieces lying flat- if it's warm out I'll take these outside in my patio as the natural light is the best lighting!

7) Do you get on well?

We definitely do otherwise we wouldn't be able to wrk together. We giggle a lot. My mum in fact often plays a few pranks, her favourite kind being impersonating somebody else which I'm slowly starting to not fall for.

8) What do you love most about your work?

My favourite part of this job is collecting from our sellers. We both love selecting stock and coming back with amazing pieces! I get so impatient to upload them after. Of course nothing beats the notification sound of a sale too!

I used to love creating content on Instagram but I'm definitely finding the new changes challenging. As I know fellow business will appreciate it's difficult coming up with new video content all the time as this now seems to be the way forward. It can be quite disheartening when you work hard on content which may not have the reach you hoped for.

It took us a while to brave videos as we're both naturally quite shy on camera but we're really enjoying our Wednesday rails now!

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